I am an excited, curious, and determined 6th grade Language Arts teacher.  This year is my 8th year of teaching and hands down one of my favorite years.  Thus far I’ve been an 8th grade LA teacher, AVID Coordinator and teacher, and have been a 6th-grade teacher for the past two years.

The potential of teaching and the incredible things my students teach me every year always gets me motivated.  Witnessing the transformation of incoming 6th graders to confident almost-seventh graders is a privilege; as students change before my eyes, it often seems like I have entirely “new” students every couple of months.  This keeps me on my toes and keeps my energy going.

It seems like there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get through the questions, wonderings, and pondering that come up in a mere 24 hours.  That’s why I enjoy being a teacher because it means I am constantly learning.  I’m curious to see how being a more traditional student inspires more musing.

I am determined.  Determined to become a better teacher.  Determined to read for pleasure.  Determined to drink my coffee while it’s still hot.  Determined to teach things that matter.  Determined to finish one yard project this summer, not just Pin it.  Determined to play as much as I work.  And I’m determined to help my students to become moral agents of change through reading, writing, and communication.


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